We are dedicated to making a positive impact in Illinois by improving and expanding financial literacy.

What are people saying about Illinois Jump$tart?

“Everyone sees the sad results of financial illiteracy, but few have a serious plan to deal with it. The Illinois Jump$tart Coalition is the exception — an organization that truly helps raise awareness, disseminates information about the best programs, coordinates resources from both the public and private sectors, educates teachers so they can enhance learning, and truly makes financial education a priority. I am proud to be associated with them in their valuable work.” – Terry Savage, Principal, Terry Savage Productions

“As you likely know, I stand with the Illinois Jumpstart Coalition in promoting the importance of youth financial literacy. My office has been particularly active in trying to educate and assist young people in avoiding the pitfalls of college student loans. Far too many young people are leaving college today only to be burdened with a lifetime of debt. I believe promoting financial literacy from a young age is an important part of avoiding such problems. ”  – Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General

“I’ve been a teacher for eleven years and during this time, discovered that my students have varied learning styles and need a variety of instructional strategies to hold their interest.

I would like to thank Illinois Jump$tart Coalition for selecting me as a scholarship recipient to further enhance my knowledge of financial literacy resources, and help my students begin becoming responsible citizens and to continue the process for a lifetime.”  – Rochelle Reed, Business Education Teacher, East St. Louis High School

“We are most excited to be the inaugural recipient of the ILJC Financial Education Library Grant. The possibilities for the uses of these materials are endless. Many parents are full of uncertainty when it comes to kids and money.

A personal finance library will not only further parents’ knowledge, but also give them a launching pad to evoke thoughtful dialog with their kids about money. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this.” – Linda Atkins, Early Literacy Coordinator, Joliet Public Library

“Financial knowledge is something I learned early; the importance of saving, spending and investing, and the risk associated with each.

Because of the financial education I have acquired, I can manage work and school better, and understand the importance of balancing the two.” – Raven Johnson, Sophomore, Northwestern University

“I’ve returned from the National Jumpstart conference and just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU”. Wow, what an event. They really hit the key points on teaching personal finance in our high schools. It feels good to know that people in the real world value the job we do as classroom educators.

I would highly recommend this conference to anyone who is involved with personal finance and education.” – Joe Janowiak, Teacher, Thornton High School

“”I am honored to be a part of the Illinois Jumpstart Coalition and its efforts to support the professional development of our next generation of financial educators. Now more than ever, it is critical that they have access to the best training and resources available. Through their teaching and community engagement, they are the gateway to helping others make informed and responsible financial choices.  Vital choices that we hope lead to long-term economic and financial prosperity for individuals and families, and ultimately, the entire state of Illinois. The Coalition is to be commended for its efforts in preparing our educators to meet these challenges and opportunities!” – Dr. Angela C. Lyons
Associate Professor, Director, U of I Center for Economic and Financial Education

“Fourteen years ago, we at Money Savvy Generation started out in the field of financial literacy with little more than an instinct that to cure the problems of financial illiteracy, we had to start very young.

When looking for “others” with whom we could share this journey, we found an organization called the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Having an Illinois link was a huge break for a start-up like ours. We found access to research, fieldwork, new programs and conferences where we could reach and influence our target audience. Jump$tart was more than a name to us – the organization literally helped jumpstart our business and our mission of helping kids get smart about money.

Today, we have reached over 1 million kids with the message of money choice and goal-setting. And it’s our privilege to work with others in the coalition to help them and their efforts towards our shared mission of financial literacy for students. Together we can and will do right by the next generation.” – Susan Beacham, President, Money Savvy Generation

“This scholarship is helping me pay for school so that I can in the future go back to the community and show that not only is it important to be financially literate, but you can build a career out of your financial knowledge and find success in that.” – Mario Gage, Senior, University of Chicago

“This scholarship impacted me tremendously and took a weight off of trying to find money to buy books and school supplies. I will certainly be recommending this scholarship to my friends and family members.” – Kiara Hardin, Junior, Western Illinois University

“I have used the information that I learned about Identity theft to further education my students. It has made an impact on their lives.” – Allison Upton-Dunmore, Teacher, South Elgin High School

“Without this scholarship I would not have been able to attend the National Jump$tart Conference, where I learned so much valuable information.” – Tammy Desmond, Business Teacher, Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School

“The IL Jump$tart Coalition and people behind it do a remarkable job in providing resources, recognizing successes, and paving the way to innovative financial literacy initiatives. Their work is genuine and deliberate and it truly makes a difference in the local community. I am honored to be involved with them!” – Adi Redzic, iOme Challenge

“The scholarship provided me with an amazing opportunity to attend the FSA conference in Las Vegas. I received important federal updates and learned from people who work in programs similar to mine who shared amazing networking, outreach, and communication techniques to help reach students.” – Elizabeth Gilmore, Training Coordinator, Illinois Student Assistance Commission

“As a 25 year veteran of financial services and a person who has enjoyed a rags-to-riches American dream based on being financially aware, I am pleased to be associated with the JumpStart Coalition and I am committed to lending my support to it.  I look forward to watching it grow and watching it move toward accomplishment of its vision to see a nation of financially capable youth.” – Steve Beaman, The Society to Advance Financial Education

“The holiday reception was very well run, with great networking, and an outstanding honoree!” – Tom Staab, Sr. VP of Development, Junior Achievement of Chicago

“Having had the opportunity to participate in two different Illinois Jump$tart initiatives, I have been impressed with the Coalition’s commitment to improving youth financial literacy, as well as the creativity with which Illinois Jump$tart pursues this objective. My colleagues and I have been working for years to help students and adults develop the skills they need to avoid costly financial mistakes. It is great to know we have an ally like Illinois Jump$tart, and I look forward to future collaboration.” – Joseph Schorer, Credit Abuse Resistance Education (national advisory board)
Of Counsel, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

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